Melon Optics

Customizable Eyewear.
London, UK.

Creating the best eyewear purchasing experience

Melon Optics

International eyewear company


Working relationship period: Sep 2015 – Now


Short description of services: IT consultancy, design & execution of technical strategies to improve our Melon’s core value: customer experience. This inevitably brought an increase in conversion rate and online revenue, which was constantly measured and seek to be improved.



New custom WordPress theme creation

Melon Optics started in 2013 in the United Kingdom and continues to grow as a tight-knit community of family and friends. In 2015 they started to plan to expand internationally to Europe and Asia and as a consequence of this growth, the system manages different countries, different stock, different currencies and different languages among other reasons we proposed the idea of building a new WordPress theme creation adapted exclusively to their business needs.

Design your own sunglasses/goggles experience


Helping our customers reach their goals and adapting to follow their vision is what took us to redesign the Sunglasses/Goggles customizer, which “wowing” their audience reaching an encompassing exceptional brand experience.

Mobile UX experience

From the big screen to the little screen. Due to melon’s growth on millennials audience, mobile traffic has been steadily increasing, therefore it was time to optimize the mobile experience implementing a custom design that highlights all the most important functionalities for Melon’s business, but also making a flawless experience for the final user navigating the site.