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Rove Swimwear

Ads Management
Google AdWords


To generate impressions based on chosen keywords, this will quickly generate more traffic and sales. It won’t directly affect SEO, but it will increase brand awareness and it will indirectly get the name out there and therefore influencing SEO.

– Let’s not forget that Google is a company and one of its main revenue streams comes from AdWords. Who would benefit?


SEO RESEARCH: Based on the keywords Indosole is ranking, check and analyze what the competition is doing to get there. Define the top 10 competition companies. Study their strategy on backlinks using premium software.

SEO DEEP KEYWORDS RANKING STUDIES: Define the best 50 keywords to rank based on Google search volume and trends. This will be defined based on average sales volume, cost per click and competition authority on the different each keyword/long tails. How far is Indosole from ranking on the top and how feasible would be to get there? How much traffic we could gain from improving SEO based on the search volume and potentially how many sales this could impact on your revenue.

Facebook Campaigns: To increase sales, build the community around {client_name} that will increase brand awareness, will help users find a solution bringing value to them (increases virality) and improve SEO by being mentioned and doing link building.

Creating facebook campaigns that work together with the content strategy targeted to new and old visitors improving new stream and also conversion.